Anelli, V.W. and Bellini, V. and Calí, A. and De Santis, G. and Di Noia, T. and Di Sciascio, E.

The Deep Web is constituted by dynamically generated pages, usually requested through HTML forms; it is notoriously difficult to query and to search, as its pages are obviously non-indexable. Recently, Deep Web data have been made accessible through RESTful services that return information usually structured in JSON or XML format. We propose techniques to make the Deep Web available in the Linked Data Cloud, and we study algorithms for processing queries posed in a transparent way on the Linked Data, providing answers based on the underlying Deep Web sources. We present a software prototype that exposes RESTful services as Linked Data datasets thus allowing a smoother semantic integration of different structured information sources in a global data and knowledge space. © 2017 ACM.